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Stacey Gaegler was the winner of the “Frank Turner Memorial” at Dual Lanes which was the first tour stop for the WNDA in 2023. Gaegler was the third highest qualifier of the 39 bowlers with an eight-game total of 1096. She went 5-0 in the Division Round with a five-game total of 659 and defeated all three opponents in the bracket finals to earn the $3000.00 first place prize. For complete results, go to

Other Division Round Winners were:
Amanda Zangla 719 (5-0)
Dani McClay 686 (3-2)
Noelle DeAntoniis 692 (3-2)
Joyce Leon 607 (3-2)
Cindy McMillen 644 (3-2)
Britney Burke 697 (4-1)
Abbey Schline 778 (3-2)

In the Bracket Finals:
Round 1
Gaegler defeated McMillen 180-116
DeAntoniis defeated Schline 163-133
Burke defeated McClay 179-134
Zangla defeated Leon 114-111

Round 2
Burke defeated Zangla 165-156
Gaegler defeated DeAntoniis 158-107

Final Round
Gaegler defeated Burke 165-130

Other Tournament Highlights:
Amanda Zangla was the top qualifier with an eight-game total of 1110.
Amanda Miller was the highest “Pins Over Average” with +96
Abbey Schline was high in the division round with a five-game total of 778 which included a 203 game and 517 set for her first three games.

Outstanding Games / Sets:
05/26/23 AMANDA MILLER 177 - qualifying
05/27/23 LISA HUBER 178 - qualifying
05/28/23 NOELLE DeANTONIIS - 184 division finals
05/28/23 ABBEY SCHLINE - 203 division finals
05/28/23 ABBEY SCHLINE - 517 division finals
05/28/23 BRITNEY BURKE - 179 bracket finals
05/28/23 STACEY GAEGLER - 180 bracket finals
05/28/23 STACEY GAEGLER - 503 bracket finals

Pictured are Stacey and Britney(r)


Matt Buckingham was the winner of the seventh stop of the 2022-2023 Pop Whitten Pro Tour at Dual Lanes. Buckingham qualified 21st with a six-game total of 862. He rolled 796 for the five games in the division round going 5-0 and defeated Chuck Quattrocche 193-88, Bernie Hipkins 150-124, Jill Manns 152-132 & Buddy Turner 138-105 to earn the first-place prize of $1500.00 and his first “STAR”.

Other tournament highlights:

178 total entries

High qualifier was James Simon with 904. The scratch cut was 839. Brady Kerr was the high “Pins Over Average” qualifier with +120. Three bowlers tied for the final Pins Over Average spot with +51. In the one game roll-off, Joe Muise(125/+18) defeated Mike Lindemann & Janice Long.

High game of the tournament was Derek Haller with 202.
For complete result, go to


Twenty-Five Turner’s Youth Tenpin Bowlers from Dual Lanes & Pikeside Bowl qualified for the Pepsi State Finals via the Pepsi Regional Tournament which was held at Dual Lanes on February 26, 2023. The State Finals were held at Forest Hill Lanes in Forest Hill, MD on April 1 & 2. One Pikeside Bowl Boy and two Dual Lanes Girls became Maryland State Champs. Azam Bonano in the U8 Boys Division & Katelyn Schenk in the U10 Girls Division were winners earning $400.00 in scholarship money while Aliyah Dent, who won the U10 Girls Division in 2022, was the winner of the U12 Girls Division earning $800.00 in scholarship money and an entry into the USBC Junior Gold Tournament in Indianapolis, IN in July. $22,975 in scholarships were given at the State Finals courtesy of PEPSI. Complete results are at

Other bowlers to earn scholarship money were:

U8 Boy
7. Richard Hill III (PS) $25.00
8. Justin Nave (DL) $25.00

U8 Girl
2. Klohe Nuice (DL) $250.00
7. Karleigh Bushman (PS) $25.00

U10 Boy
7. Caleb Smith (DL) $25.00
11. Cam Carter (DL) $25.00

U10 Girl
2. Makenzie Wolfe (DL) $250.00

U12 Boy
15. Sean Furlong (DL) $50.00
20. Joshua Valentine (DL) $50.00

U15 Boy
8. Vaughn Williams (DL) $50.00
11. Trenten Spencer (DL) $50.00
16. Michael Lida III (DL) $50.00

U15 Girl
4. Brianna Stevens (DL) $300.00
11. Kaylynn Warrenfeltz (DL) $50.00
13. Addison Hott (DL) $50.00

U18 Boy
5. Patrick St.Angelo (DL) $250.00
6. Jordan Brown (DL) $50.00
15. Connor Carter (DL) $50.00
23. Joseph Hutzler Jr. (PS) $50.00

U18 Girl
4. Brenna McTighe (DL) $300.00
5. Kayla Talbert (DL) $250.00
9. Madeline Gatti (DL) $50.00


Dual Lanes was the location for the Annette Belella Top Ten Average Invitational Youth Scholarship Tenpin Tournament on Sunday, March 26, 2023. Kayla Talbert & Jordan Brown, who are pictured with Annette Belella(c), were the winners of the tournament. For complete results, go to and click on TOURNAMENTS.


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